Angus Stewart

thumbnail image of angus stewart linked to hi-res image Dubbed the Doctor of the Dirt when he first appeared with Rampaging Roy Slaven’s alter ego John Doyle on Sydney’s ABC 702 radio station in 1992, Angus has carved a niche as a multi media horticultural evangelist. He is an award winning horticulturist, author television presenter and broadcaster who also creates new varieties of Australian plants in his spare time.

His Bush Gems kangaroo paws have been grown by the millions around the world in places as diverse as Israel, Colombia and South Korea. Angus Stewart has been a regular on the iconic Gardening Australia TV program since 2004 and has also written hundreds of magazine articles for a wide variety of titles including Gardening Australia, Belle, Better Homes and Gardens and Organic Gardener.

He has written a number of books on Australian plants including the award winning best seller Creating an Australian Garden. Angus is a versatile and humorous speaker who can both entertain and inform about all things horticultural.

Want some topics? How about:

  1. Gardening on the Wild Side
  2. Let’s Propagate! (the title of one of my books)
  3. Growing your own
  4. A bit about the bush
  5. Why little kids love to garden
  6. Connecting kids with the food they eat through gardening
  7. Creating an edible landscape
  8. Is organic gardening a con job?
  9. Charles Darwin and his love affair with earthworms
  10. Creating an Australian Garden

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