David Dale

thumbnail image of david dale linked to hi-res imagethumbnail image of david dale linked to hi-res image Writer and broadcaster David Dale is Australia’s most respected and most entertaining commentator on popular culture. He knows how Australians shop, read, socialise, eat, travel, and amuse themselves, and he explains the national character with wit and insight.

In his articles and talks, he examines ideas, journeys, fads, foods, movies, television, the power of places and the peculiarities of people. He appears regularly on ABC radio, contributes a weekly column The Tribal Mind to The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age and writes a daily media analysis for Fairfax at http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/blog/the-tribal-mind.

David graduated from Sydney University with honours in psychology, but decided he would do less harm to the cause of mental health if he went into journalism. He has been a political reporter for The Australian, a sub-editor for General Practitioner (London), features editor of The Sun-Herald, Editor of The Bulletin, New York correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald, and broadcaster for ABC radio 702 and radio 2GB.

His 12 books include The Obsessive Traveller (or why I don’t steal towels from great hotels any more); An Australian in America; Essential Places (A book about ideas and how they started); The Little Book of Australia – A snapshot of who we are; The Official Liars’ Handbook; The Perfect Journey, and Soffritto – A return to Italy. In late 2014, Allen and Unwin will publish Anatolia – Tales of the new Turkish cooking.

The topics he can cover in speeches and workshops include:

  • The things Australians love, and why: Our favourite movies, magazines, products, TV shows and music.
  • Vital journeys: what have been the biggest ideas thought up by humans, and where did they happen?
  • How to be un-Australian: is average the same as ordinary?
  • You are what you eat: what food fads reveal about us.
  • How well do you know your country? A quiz to see if you’d pass the citizenship test.
  • Why Italians have found the secret of human happiness, and how to become Italian.
  • Sex, dags and sausage rolls: how Australia changed in just 50 years from one of the dullest places on earth to one of the most interesting.

To engage David Dale contact Peter Wall at Wall Media on 0408 489 057 or visit www.wallmedia.com.au